Thursday, April 15, 2010

研究生論文發表團出發囉!--- Tucson沙漠團

4月份的Tucson沙漠團目前已經抵達美國亞利桑那州Tucson(Toward A Science of Consciousness 2010)發表論文囉!

前往發表論文的2篇口頭報告(oral presentation)和2篇海報(poster presentation)!

1. Hung, C. Y. (洪志怡) & Houng, Y. H. (洪裕宏). “The Detectable Consciousness”
2. Benda, T. (卞拓蒙) (2010). “Minds, Machines, and Lucas-Penrose”

1. Lin, C. H. (林佳樺) & Houng, Y. H. (洪裕宏). “From the Self-Awareness to the Other Minds”
2. Liu, J. Y. (劉任瑜). “The human mind may be a Turing-machine-like system even if theLucas-Penrose argument is right”

除了以上4個報告,另外也有5篇論文被Toward A Science of Consciousness 2010接受!
1. Chien, P. (簡芃) & Houng, Y. H. (洪裕宏). “An Argument Against the Ability Hypothesis”
2. Hsu, S. P. (許舜斌) & Houng, Y. H. (洪裕宏). “Are Our Phenomenal World Opaque?”
3. Kuo, T. (郭凌峰) (2010). “Still Being Someone”
4. Lin, Y. T. (林映彤) & Houng, Y. H. (洪裕宏). “Mary, No Pain, No Gain”
5. Yu, L. A. (游立安) (2010). “Is there a room for free will in many-worlds?”


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