Thursday, April 15, 2010

研究生論文發表團出發囉!--- 多倫多-尼加拉瀑布-紐約曼哈頓-波士頓團



多倫多-紐約曼哈頓-波士頓團將先前往加拿大多倫多的The Fourteenth Annual Meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC14)發表論文,再到尼加拉瀑布、紐約曼哈頓、波士頓去玩!

1. Emma Chien (簡芃) and Allen Y. Houng (洪裕宏). “A new way of explaining schizophrenia and the immunity to error through misidentification”
2. Chia-Hua Lin (林佳樺) and Allen Y. Houng (洪裕宏). “A possibility of a non-unified representational self-consciousness”
3. Ying-Tung Lin (林映彤) and Allen Y. Houng (洪裕宏).“Do dementia patients lose their self?”
4. Chihyi Hung (洪志怡) and Allen Y. Houng (洪裕宏).“The detectable consciousness and the phenomenology”
5. Shun-Pin Hsu (許舜斌) and Allen Y. Houng (洪裕宏). “Can Subjectivity be Explained Away?”
6. Ling-Fong Kuo (郭凌峰) and Allen Y. Houng (洪裕宏). “Do we need the environment to determine the content of consciousness?”
7. Karen Yan (嚴如玉). “Self-consciousness and anosognosia in Alzheimer's dementia”
8. Lynn Chiu (邱千蕙). “Deferential phenomenal concepts? Not for the Zombie Mary”

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