Monday, January 12, 2009

演講訊息: Causality and the perception of Time

星期四下午一點 Dr. Marc Buehner 在圖資大樓839有一場演講,主題和摘要如下:

Title: "Causality and the perception of Time"

From working out questions such as "Will there still be a crop yield
this year -- it seems awfully late in the season?" to synchronizing
perceptual input from multiple modalities (which process information
at different speeds, and the information itself arrives not
necessarily at the same time, e.g. vision and sound), people are
constantly faced with solving timing problems. More specifically,
having and maintaining a sense of how much time has passed between one
event and another is of fundamental importance to adaptive cognition.
Recent demonstrations of "intentional binding" (e.g. Haggard et al.,
2002) suggest that people experience a subjective shortening of time
between actions and their consequences relative to unrelated events.
In this talk I will present data that suggests that intentional
binding is a special form of 'causal binding' (Eagleman & Holcombe,
2002). In a reverse interpretation of Hume's principles of causality,
according to which temporal contiguity is a key to forming causal
associations, I shall argue that experienced causality warps our
perception of time in line with our expectations of natural timeframes.

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