Monday, February 02, 2009

Consciousness online: The Cyber Consciousness Conference PROGRAM FINALIZED

Invited Talk:

David Rosenthal, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Title: Consciousness and Its Function

Contributed Sessions

1. Derek Ball, University of St. Andrews (Arche)

The New New Mysterianism

2. Katalin Balog, Yale University

In Defense of the Phenomenal Concept Strategy

Commentators: Istvan Aranyosi, Bilkent University -Ankara, Turkey

Esa Diaz-Leon, University of Manitoba -Winnipeg, Canada

3. Clare Batty, University of Kentucky

Scents and Sensibilia

4. Dave Beisecker, University of Nevada -Las Vegas

Zombies and the Phenomenal Concept Strategy

5. Richard Brown, LaGuardia Community College, CUNY

Turning the Tables on Dualism

Commentators: Robert J. Howell, Southern Methodist University

6. Matthew Ivanowich, The University of Western Ontario

A Moderate Representationalism

Commentator: Amy Kind, Claremont McKenna College

7. Barbara Montero, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Russellian Physicalism

Commentators: Daniel Stoljar, Australian National University

Emmett Holman, George Mason University

8. Gualtiero Piccinini, University of Missouri - St. Louis

First-Person Data, Publicity, and Self-Measurement

Commentators: Eric Schwitzgebel, University of California -Riverside

Jordan Dodd, Syracuse University

9. Justin M. Sytsma, University of Pittsburgh

Folk Psychology and Phenomenal Consciousness

Commentator: Adam J. Arico, University of Arizona

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