Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Can superblindsight come true ?!

Completely blind man shows 'blindsight' by navigating obstacle course
by Rich Bowden - Dec 23 2008, 02:23

A completely blind man has amazed researchers by successfully navigating a simple obstacle course without the assistance of a blind aid such as a cane.

Known only as TN, the man was completely blinded after he suffered damage from strokes yet despite lacking any vision -- a fact confirmed by brain scans -- he continues to react to such things as changes in people's facial expressions.

Known as "blindsight", TN is able to detect people and obstacles in his close environment using intuition instead of sight.

To prove the existence of the phenomena, scientists at the Harvard Medical School, US, and the University of Tilberg in the Netherlands, constructed a simple obstacle course which TN was able to navigate "flawlessly" according to the scientists.

The subject was "not aware of doing anything exceptional" according to lead researcher Dr Beatrice de Gelder of Tilburg University and believed he had only walked straight ahead along a long corridor.

"You can experience a total loss of your cortical vision but still retain some capacity to move around inside and out without damage to yourself," she told the BBC.

"It shows us the importance of these evolutionary ancient visual paths. They contribute more than we think they do for us to function in the real world."

Experts believe "blindsight" is the manifestation of a subconscious ability human beings have to recognise things in our environment despite not being able to see them.
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